Microsoft SQL Performance and SAP Business One

            Recent Findings: We are seeing the Virtualization of the servers causes performance issues (Hyper-V for sure). Even with ‘more’ memory, the virtualization software is a bottleneck in regards to the CPU usage. We saw 100+ users utilize 60% of the CPU, so the networking folks stated the server had […]

Single Version Of The Truth: Integrated Accounting Software

This article is from our most recent newsletter: Get a single version of the truth with SAP Business One and Crystal Reports

Software Selection

Accounting Software – Business Management Software – ERP Software: What do these terms really mean? Is it all the same thing? All of these terms are used by the software publishers to say about the same thing. What they are talking about is the software that you use to run your business – manage your […]

Choosing New Business Management Software

We feel there are four key factors in being successful in choosing new business software: Strength of software publisher: Financial stability, resources to invest in R&D, national and international presence, expertise in your industry. Knowledge, credibility, and proximity of the provider of professional services. Base fit of the functionality of the software out of the […]

Accounting Software Data Conversion

Overall Strategy Learn, configure and make use of the advanced capabilities of the software first, independent of your current system.  Fix or correct past or current system problems: duplications, incorrect categorizations, removal of obsolete/inactive data.  Set up the software “right” and ignore the past as much as possible. This could make the conversion more difficult, […]