Mobile App for SAP Business One

Run your business any time, any place – with the SAP Business One mobile app for iOS and Android

Give your entire team the power to accomplish business tasks from their iOS or Android devices with mobile access to SAP Business One – software that enables small businesses to manage their key processes. Whether your company already uses SAP Business One or would like to learn more, you can try our free mobile app to enjoy on-the-go productivity today.

  • Manage customer and partner contacts as well as scheduled sales activities
  • Get alerts about deviations from approved prices and other significant events
  • Visualize key business information with real-time reports
  • Create or view sales opportunities and orders, and handle service call activities
  • Monitor inventory levels and get detailed product information

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This mobile app allows you to interact anytime and anywhere with the integrated business management application for small businesses, SAP Business One.


  • Access the information you need to run your business anywhere, anytime
  • Ensure critical information is always at the fingertips of those who need it most


  • Navigate with ease
  • See data graphically represented
  • Access data real-time
  • Respond directly and trigger remote processes
  • Changes automatically update your SAP Business One backend

Alerts and Approvals

  • Get alerts on specific events, such as deviations from approved discounts, prices, or credit limits
  • Use intuitive interface to sort alerts by date, type or priority
  • View and complete approval requests with minimal clicks Drill into relevant data before making your decision Ask for additional information or provide comments in the approval process

Drive Your Sales Activities

  • Create or view Sales Opportunities, Sales Quotations, and Sales Orders

Service Contracts

  • View details of service contracts and search for service contracts
  • Search for and view customer equipment cards by entering an item’s serial number for a keyword search or by using an item’s barcode to scan a serial number

Process Service Calls

  • Handle service activities, from picking up to closing a service call, and track solution details
  • Look up related service calls from service contracts or customer equipment cards

Monitor Inventory and Product Data

  • Monitor stock/inventory levels
  • Get detailed product information for all items you sell
  • Preview item pictures and check pricing information such as purchase and sales price
  • Find detailed inventory information by warehouse

Simply test-drive the app immediately

  • Even if you’re not a SAP Business One customer today, try the app and see how it will change how you do business.
  • SAP provides a hosted Business One environment that you can connect to instantly.

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