SAP Intercompany Integration


Streamline intercompany transactions and integration
For any company with multiple business units or subsidiaries, intercompany transactions and integration create operational complexity. Minimizing this complexity is critical when you need to consolidate financials across all operations for reporting, provide visibility into the sales performance of each business entity, or streamline intercompany procurement transactions.

Now you can:
••Consolidate, coordinate, and view activities across all business units running SAP Business One without manual reconciliation
••Manage multiple subsidiaries, business units, legal entities, and currencies
••Reduce the cycle time to collate, consolidate, and report financial data
••Apply standardized and transparent financial processes across business entities
••Easily and intuitively manage cross-subsidiary financial information
•• Increase productivity as a result of time saved and simplified transactions

The intercompany integration solution for SAP Business One supports common processes, including:
••Exchange of intercompany trade documents – for example, POs, receipts, invoices, and credit memos
••General ledger (GL) allocations of income and expenses
••Accounts-payable service invoice allocations
••Centralized payments

Master data replication and content sharing
• Item name and key item attributes
• Vendor name and key supplier attributes
• Bill of materials
• Price list
• Customized, user-defined fields

Visibility into operations across business entities
• Multilevel financial consolidation
• Intercompany warehouse inventory report
• Branch balances report
• Consolidated sales analysis report
• Unposted transactions report

Improved control and collaboration
• Consolidated credit-limit check
• Intercompany workflow
• Business transaction notifications
• Multicurrency and multi-instance support

For companies with multiple business units or subsidiaries that run the SAP Business One® application, intercompany integration capabilities allow them to reconcile and consolidate financial data across business entities, streamline intercompany activities such as  purchasing, and gain visibility into inventory across business units.

••Reduce the time and effort associated with intercompany transactions and aggregation
••Eliminate costly errors resulting from manual reconciliation and aggregation Solution
••Master data replication and content sharing
••Support for standardized, transparent processes across business entities
••Financial and operational visibility across business entities
••Control and collaboration across business entities
••Support for intercompany transactions in multiple currencies

••Consolidate, coordinate, and view activities across all business units running SAP
••Business One without manually intensive reconciliation
••Minimize errors and duplicate data entry
••Increase employee productivity


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SAP Business One Intercompany Integration Solution