User Groups

SAP Business One User Group

LBSi conducts a monthly web-based user group meeting where we present specific functionality that is meaningful to our existing customers.

SAP also hosts an annual user group meeting as part of ASUG, check out the link here Biz.One

Objectives of the group

  • Ecosystem: Members are encouraged to communicate with each other to learn more about SAP Business One, but also to see if there is a need for each others products and services.
  • Learning: Each meeting covers a topic that relates to how to use SAP Business One in some manner. Topics such as Inventory Control, CRM, Financial Statement Setup, Budgets, Month-End Steps, Cycle Counting, Planning, Forecasting, Project Management, Production, Service and so forth are covered.


To sign up, give us a call at 877-605-5274 x 111.

Download Past User Group Materials Here