Production Order Scheduling with SAP Business One 9.2

SAP continues to add new functionality and capabilities to the production order module in 9.2:

  • Integration with the Project Management functionality
  • Resource (Work Center) Master and Resource (Department) Groups
  • Capacity Planning by warehouse
  • Integration with Fixed Assets
  • User-Defined Units of Measure: Minutes, Hours, Days, etc.
  • Graphical resource capacity screen
  • Production cost roll up and update utilities
  • Bill of material component management utility


LBSi has an add-on that extends the functionality of standard SAP Business One, it is called Advanced Manufacturing and Material Planning. Significant additions are:

  • Schedule Boards for Production Orders and Resources (Work Center Dispatch)
  • Pegging of supplies and demands with visibility throughout
  • Advanced production scheduling: Forward/Backward, Finite/Infinite
  • Synchronize production components to the operation start dates
  • Labor and machine data collection


Additional information can be found on this site, or call 877-605-5274 x111.