Managing the ERP Implementation in Mid-Sized Businesses

Businesspeople in an officeFor many businesses that have grown large enough to require an ERP system for managing their operations, the greatest stumbling block often comes from a poorly planned and executed implementation project.  Coordinating the activities of financial administration, materials management and production professionals is a difficult task.  Aligning those activities within the ERP system in such a way that it achieves buy-in from all functions is an even more complex task and requires an experienced hand to guide the effort.

Mid-Sized Businesses do not have the luxury of inefficiency that large corporations might have. Their ERP implementations must hit the mark in terms of both functionality and organizational fit with as little disruption to existing operations as possible, and at an optimal cost.  To do so requires working with an implementation partner who can offer expertise drawn from both technical and managerial experience.

LBSI’s technical pros are highly capable of developing applications that suit any customer’s requirements.  Knowing what code to write and how to implement it within the organization, however, requires a different skill set.  Managing is the ERP implementation requires:

  • analytic skill to accurately characterize the organizations, understand and optimize its processes
  • effective communication for training the personnel to use the new systems
  • dedicated resources to continue to support the implementation after the initial transition and training are complete

LBSI’s experience with implementing the SAP Business One ERP application is substantial.  This deep experience has given us insights into the likely pratfalls and potential stumbling blocks that come along with any ERP implementation.  We not only offer the skills necessary for imitating the project, we also employ the best, formal practices for project management in order to ensure the project is consistently monitored and controlled and delivered on time and within budget.

This approach allows us to deliver a system to Mid-Sized Businesses that might otherwise not be able to afford an ERP due to project overruns or that feel the risks of delays is simply too great to go ahead.  If you’d like to reach out to LBSI, we’ll begin working on an ERP solution that meets your needs and saves you both money and time.