SAP Business One Support

We have experience with all aspects of business processes, systems and SAP Business One. LBSi customers not only receive support with SAP Business One questions, but we can help with process improvement, accounting, procurement, sales and service as well as in technical areas, such as SQL administration, reporting and the SAP SDK.

  • One single support email address that goes to seven (7) consultants, so you question or issue will be seen and worked on immediately
  • Contact LBSi consultants by office phone (Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm EST), their cell phone# and email
  • We also allow you to contact us during non-business hours as needed to keep your operation running smoothly.
  • Membership to our Regional SAP Business One User Group

Project Management

Our consultants can facilitate and insure a projects completion in its entirety, or aid your project manager as needed. We are experienced in developing and adhering to detailed project plans as well as coordinating the work of many vendors and staff.


Analysis and Design

We understand the needed work flow in many different types of businesses and along with you and your staff, we can help identify the required changes in your software to make sure your critical business objectives are being met. We can help with the design, and in many cases, with the actual development and programming of that specification


We are experts in, Visual Studio, Crystal Reporting, SQL, SQL Stored Procedures and the tools unique to SAP Business One such as Print Layout Designer (PLD), Screen Settings, Crystal Forms, User-Defined Tables and Fields, Formatted Searches, etc.




We work closely with your company to achieve successful implementation of a system. Training can be structured to your individual requirements and can include classroom, small group sessions, one on one as well as full documentation.


LBSi has been an SAP Partner since 2004, call 877-605-5274 x111 or contact us for information regarding SAP Business One.