Can Production Order Scheduling be made better?

iStock_000018490714LargeMost companies do some amount of repetitive and job shop production, services, or wholesale or master distribution. They focus on their key areas of sales and operations and tend to pay as little attention as possible to other areas.  In reality, everyone must know the entire picture so they understand how what they do impacts the rest of the company. It is obvious that if purchasing and inventory management don’t perform then production will have little to do but how about the role of finance in ensuring the correct amount of cash and capital? What about the role of HR in getting the right people in place with the correct training? A little thought shows that production order scheduling is a long train of events and personnel interactions that have to occur at precise times to obtain the real objective of satisfied and recurring customers.

How can Long Business Systems, Incorporated (LBSI) help you? We are experts in implementing SAP Business One and its add-ons that include Advanced Material Planning and Advanced Forecasting. This gives you, the client, a solid and integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) functionality that fosters the entire company working together as a team and understanding each individual action’s impact across the enterprise.  The interrelationships are visible and, where appropriate, corrective feedback is applied. Another key element that comes out is the profitability of individual items. Most companies think their most profitable product is the one they spend the most time on; it often takes a disproportionate amount of resources compared to its sale value.

LBSI takes the time to completely understand your underlying processes and how to use the system to respond to a customer’s request for special consideration.  When they ask for a different lead time, can you accommodate it?  SAP Business One answers that question and what the cost will be.

LBSI will put a system in place that allows you to handle the 10% of exceptions, not the 90% incident free process flows. This makes you more productive, more responsive, and more profitable! Please contact us  and let us show you how to make your company better.


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