ERP For Small-to-Midsized Manufacturers

Shop-2The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system represents the evolution of general accounting software. It operates according to the best practices of accounting to present accurate fiscal reports that are valid for transparency and government tax compliance. However, the ERP system adds modules that coordinate all aspects of a company’s operation in close to real time. Any complex enterprise can gain enormous benefit from the adaptation of an ERP system. But these systems have special benefits for contract manufacturers.

A small to medium sized manufacturing company can take advantage of the industrial modules now built into these flexible management systems.

Special modules are particularly relevant to manufacturing operations.

  • quality control,
  • manufacturing process,
  • manufacturing projects,
  • manufacturing flow, and
  • product life cycle management

Other special modules are relevant to supply warehousing and control to assure on time delivery.

  • Supply chain planning,
  • supplier scheduling,
  • product configurator,
  • purchasing,
  • inventory,
  • warehousing (receiving, put-a-way, picking and packing)

The networked ERP system allows better integration with the hiring company. The contract manufacturer can share the workflow of a manufacturing process with its client to prevent back-ups and failure of on-time delivery.

ERP systems are integrated through the entire operation of a business. They have to be customized to adapt to the methodology of the business. Installation of the ERP system usually means significant adjustment in the way the business operates. The installation of these systems requires expert consulting and professional computer support. The staff has to be trained in the operation of new data collection systems and hardware. The ERP will be enabled in every phase of manufacturing operation, including the factory floor. The benefits in terms of improved operation justify the growing pains in virtually every case.

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