Manufacturing in America: Industrial Sector Set for Big Transformation

Manufacturing in the US has had many ups and downs over the last few decades, or as many analysts will have you believe, has been shown to be volatile. So while this may be true by some accounts, there is undeniable proof that manufacturing in the US has grown at the same rate, and sometimes even […]

Success Depends on Efficiency: Part 1

ef·fi·cien·cy   noun \i-ˈfi-shən-sē\ the ability to do something or produce something without wasting materials, time, or energy: the quality or degree of being efficient               Eliminate Time Wasting Activities Looking through physical files for information. Looking through emails and business cards for contact information that should have been added […]

Manufacturing: Multiple Production Lines Give Way to Innovation

Previously, we discussed the impact of complex supply chains on innovation in manufacturing. A company out of San Francisco is actually making that multi-channeled supply chain part of the innovation. Project Frog, designs and builds pre-made, energy-efficient building kits, without actually doing any of the manufacturing themselves. The extensive partnerships with other manufacturers in the construction materials […]

SAP Business One Offers Help to HOPE Foundation

In global philanthropic business news, HOPE Foundation of India announced a generous collaboration with SAP Business One. SAP, as one of its ongoing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) partnerships, has donated its technology and integration support to HOPE Foundation to more efficiently manage its business software system. SAP and HOPE Foundation have been partners in education and disaster […]

Manufacturing: Complex Supply Chains and their Impact on Innovation

Product innovation becomes more challenging in long and complex manufacturing supply chains. In order to get new products and technology into consumer hands, many large and small innovations must be accomplished throughout the entire production cycle. An innovative new product may begin with design–or even earlier with financing the new design. Adjustments must be made to materials, […]