The Value of Integrating Business Intelligence across the Company

Businesses need to integrate all the elements of a system to make it work, and, as such, the elements that fall within the scope of enterprise resource planning (ERP) must be integrated as well. When this happens, marketing, sales, warehouse inventory management, purchasing, and other operations run like a well-oiled machine. In this post, we […]

Manufacturers Must Unify Company-Wide Data to Improve Results

Mismatches between data sets create islands of information within and between a manufacturer’s various departments and business units. When people make decisions for the good of the company but don’t have the right information, collaboration breaks down and mistakes are made. In this post, we describe the underlying causes of data mismatches in manufacturing organizations […]

Improved Inventory Tracking is a Necessity

Better inventory tracking, particularly at the bin level, saves product companies time and money. Moreover, it has become a competitive necessity. By using modern ERP, companies gain multiple benefits via automated inventory tracking, from faster put-away and more accurate record-keeping to quicker fulfillment and resource savings. This post highlights the capabilities for tracking inventory in […]

How Better Inventory Planning Impacts Manufacturing Processes

Improving the scheduling and prioritization of inventory can dramatically affect the manufacturing process as well as uncover efficiencies that need attention. For example, you may discover that certain processes are holding down your organization’s profits or that an individual product’s profitability improves with better inventory management This post examines the effects of better inventory scheduling/planning […]

ERP Delivers Incremental Improvements to Optimize Distribution

Without the right system for managing your distribution, you don’t know what’s on hand, how big your backlogs might be, or even if you can fulfill orders. This post delves into the benefits a modern ERP system delivers around inventory insights and shows how small changes add up quickly when you improve your systems. Why […]