Accounting Software Needs Assessment Success

If you want to want to improve your business computing needs, you may want to start with software needs assessment.  This step is vital because it helps you analyze exactly where your business needs improvement and provides options to create this improvement. Key things to consider as you begin an assessment include the following: Involvement: […]

SAP® Business One Reaches 40,000 Customers

Newsbyte: SAP® Business One Application Reaches 40,000 Customers With 4G Identity Solutions Pvt Ltd. MUMBAI, India, July 30, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — SAP AG (SAP) today announced that 4G Identity Solutions Pvt Ltd., a pioneer in providing large scale biometric identity management solutions, has selected the SAP® Business One application to streamline critical business areas, including accounting, […]

SAP Business One Education: Why, What, How?

Your business is gaining speed; money is coming in and providing the fuel to grow.; debt has been incurred; assets have increased; you’ve been looking at systems to help the growth and SAP Business One is on that short list.  Here’s the quick version of a SAP Business One education. What is it?  SAP Business One […]

Improving Your Manufacturing Process

No man is an island, John Donne said, but unshared information can be. And a manufacturer can easily find itself evolving a veritable archipelago studded with “islands of information,” if it doesn’t pay attention to how its information is managed and focus on key areas that affect its manufacturing process. Enterprise Resource Planning provides a […]

2 Key Reasons for Implementing ERP Solutions

ERP ( if you are unfamiliar with the initials) stands for enterprise resource planning.  ERP software is designed to encompass all aspects of your business, such as manufacturing, inventory management, shipping, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and purchasing.  Global ERP solutions are designed to keep multisite or multi-country companies running smoothly. Financial information.     ERP, at its most […]