How advanced is your material planning?

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Benjamin Franklin If you have wide open margins and millions to waste, you probably don’t need to plan ahead. But a few knocks on the road will teach any business owner the importance of planning. Let’s take stock, right now, of your company’s preparedness: Inventory Planning – […]

ERP for Contract Manufacturers

ERP systems for manufacturing companies are different from ERP systems for service companies and others. Contract manufacturing adds to the special demands on ERP systems. Manufacturing ERP systems include a unique job estimating feature as an aid to making accurate quotes for materials and labor. Manufacturing ERP systems are especially designed to track ongoing costs for […]

The best ERP system binds contract manufacturing partners together

When your company enters a contract manufacturing agreement it looks forward to considerable cost savings. All the capital investment for the manufacturing is borne by a partner firm that already owns the capacity to manufacture. The partner also has all the necessary skilled personnel to handle the manufacturing and bears all the responsibility for personnel […]

Video: SAP Business One Advanced Forecasting

LBSi has created a forecasting add-on for SAP Business One, for those users who have more sophisticated requirements. Forecast by Warehouse Select a different forecast method for each item group, item or item/warehouse Use Sales (A/R Invoices and A/R Credits) or Bookings (Sales Orders) Generate by Planner, Item Group, Date Range, Warehouse Queries to value […]

Don’t guess the cost of a new engine for your business – Plan for it

In general, we know the approximate cost of the big-ticket items in our consumer lives, but we have no idea about what a critical business tool may cost us. As a consumer, you know roughly what a car, a new kitchen appliance or even a vacation home may cost. As a business owner however, do […]