Cancelling Transactions in SAP Business One

SBO91-2Have you ever created a new marketing document accidentally when you were in the process of adding additional lines or thought you were saving as draft? I am sure you answered yes as even the most “seasoned” user has accidentally done this from time to time.

In older versions of SAP Business One you would have had to follow various steps depending on the document to correct the erroneous transaction. This added additional steps and in the case of an invoice (for example) the customer would see all this activity on their statement.

Since version 9.0 you can easily cancel the document with a simple right click à Cancel from the context menu.

To utilize this feature in your business you must first define the date range that you want to allow users to cancel documents. You can also define whether to include cancelled documents in standard SAP Business One reports. These settings are performed under Administration à System initialization à Document Settings à General Tab:

An added bonus to this feature is that the cancelled documents will show up in the relationship map: