Single Version Of The Truth: Integrated Accounting Software

This article is from our most recent newsletter: Get a single version of the truth with SAP Business One and Crystal Reports

Learn about SAP Anywhere

SAP Anywhere helping small business run simple With SAP Anywhere and SAP Business One you get a complete front and back office solution for driving your business growth – from one partner. Both applications are designed specifically to meet the needs of small and mid-sized businesses, and together they can help you compete more effectively and efficiently in […]

Cancelling Transactions in SAP Business One

Have you ever created a new marketing document accidentally when you were in the process of adding additional lines or thought you were saving as draft? I am sure you answered yes as even the most “seasoned” user has accidentally done this from time to time. In older versions of SAP Business One you would […]

Software Selection

Accounting Software – Business Management Software – ERP Software: What do these terms really mean? Is it all the same thing? All of these terms are used by the software publishers to say about the same thing. What they are talking about is the software that you use to run your business – manage your […]

Choosing New Business Management Software

We feel there are four key factors in being successful in choosing new business software: Strength of software publisher: Financial stability, resources to invest in R&D, national and international presence, expertise in your industry. Knowledge, credibility, and proximity of the provider of professional services. Base fit of the functionality of the software out of the […]

Accounting Software Data Conversion

Overall Strategy Learn, configure and make use of the advanced capabilities of the software first, independent of your current system.  Fix or correct past or current system problems: duplications, incorrect categorizations, removal of obsolete/inactive data.  Set up the software “right” and ignore the past as much as possible. This could make the conversion more difficult, […]

9 Technology Trends That Are Transforming Mid-Size Manufacturers

Discreet manufacturing technology has advanced exponentially in just a few years. What was once in the realm of fantasy has become commonplace and can even be found in some households and being utilized by individuals selling products on popular sites like Etsy, Amazon, and EBay. Here are 9 trends that your business should keep in […]

10 Key Questions to Ask As You Evaluate New Software for Your Manufacturing Environment

Choosing the perfect enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for your discreet manufacturing operation can create hassles or create a work environment that is productive, low cost, and keeps customers returning for more of your products. Unfortunately, the world of ERP software can be a difficult one to navigate, with every company claiming they are the […]

Four Features You Should Insist on Seeing When Evaluating New ERP Software

ERP software is absolutely necessary for any discreet manufacturing operation to run at its best. It enables a business to quickly adapt to change, analyze data, forecast, plan, standardize, and lower costs. Without a great ERP software platform backing up a manufacturing business, it’s difficult to effectively grow, lower costs to both the business and […]

Five Ways to Improve Your Manufacturing and Material Planning

Determining ways to improve your manufacturing and material planning is an effective way to lower costs for both you and the customer, leading to a request for more items by trusting customers, increasing your overall profits, and expanding your business exponentially. The way that proper materials resource planning (MRP) does this is through your company’s […]