SAP Success Story: Nelson Packaging

Nelson Packaging Company, Inc. is a full service contract manufacturer of consumer product goods from the inbound delivery of raw and packing materials to the outbound shipment of finished products. They have received numerous awards over the years, including Procter & Gamble’s Supplier of Excellence Award, Infinite Successes Award and the Pinnacle Award. To maintain […]

Keys to Improving Your Efficiency

You have to protect your most precious asset – your time.  Being efficient is one of the best ways to do so.  Check out this graphic for some quick tips and click on the image for a link to download 3 more pages of ideas and tips to get more done every day. Please share […]

Manufacturing in America: Industrial Sector Set for Big Transformation

Manufacturing in the US has had many ups and downs over the last few decades, or as many analysts will have you believe, has been shown to be volatile. So while this may be true by some accounts, there is undeniable proof that manufacturing in the US has grown at the same rate, and sometimes even […]

Business Management Software: Perfecting the Process

  Business Management Software is often seen as the catalyst to improvement in administrative functions.  From accounting, to supply chain, to shipping and receiving, project management and even in human resources, the decision to implement or upgrade software tends to go hand-in-hand with an internal look at processes and re-designing them to a more effective […]

How Social Media Can Work for Manufacturing

The capabilities of social media are shifting into the manufacturing sector.  77% of current owners and IT decision influencers are already using social technologies to collaborate and share information that impacts decisions.  Organization members familiar with Facebook and similar social media are comfortable operating collaboratively with enterprise social media. Manufacturers who recognize the cooperative energy of […]