Advanced Forecasting for SAP Business One

LBSi has created a forecasting add-on for SAP Business One, for those users who have more sophisticated requirements.

  • Forecast by Warehouse
  • Select a different forecast method for each item group, item or item/warehouse
  • Use Sales (A/R Invoices and A/R Credits) or Bookings (Sales Orders)
  • Generate by Planner, Item Group, Date Range, Warehouse
  • Queries to value your forecast using the SAP Business One price lists

Forecasting Methods Supported

  • Triple Exponential Average
  • Holt Winters Additive
  • Holt Winters Multiplicative
  • Linear Trend
  • Active Moving Average
  • Trend and Additive Seasonality
  • Trend and Manual Additive Seasonality
  • Trend and Multiplicative Seasonality
  • Trend and Manual Multiplicative Seasonality
  • Additive Decomposition
  • Simple Moving Average
  • Multiplicative Decomposition
  • Geometric Moving Average
  • Triangular Simple Moving Average
  • Parabolic Simple Moving Average
  • Double Moving Average
  • Exponential Average
  • Double Exponential Average
  • Holt Double Exponential Average

One can create and save forecasts for financial budgeting, salesperson performance and material planning.