Achieve Your Advanced Material Planning Through SAP Business One

Production1AAdvanced material planning gives your business the tools necessary to manage distribution, inventory, parts, materials and more. With the right planning you have certainty that the right inventory, supplies, raw materials and component parts are where you need them. Material planning also ensures that customers, internal and external, get your products on time.

Total Control With SAP Business One, you are able to streamline processes and integrate them across your organization. This gives you the ability to control orders at each aspect of the process, while tracking which user enters which information.

Lead Time, Days-In-Inventory, Preferred Vendor, Safety Stock and more can be analyzed at an individualized item level, or at a warehouse level. Each of these can be set to trigger make, buy or transfer events, giving your business flexible forecasting with immediate results.

Component Part Tracking Advanced material planning requires tracking the parts that create your product. For manufacturing and distribution companies, this is extremely important. You can enter in a higher level item, like a manufactured product or a predictable shipment and see the component parts and their status (days-in-inventory, warehouse location, etc.).

Tracking component parts gives you the ability to plan orders necessary for them. Having the right supplies, raw materials and component parts keeps your business running: SAP Business One can ensure you have the right materials.

Priority Planning SAP Business One can be used to set priority processes, giving your business the ability to use the forecasting aspects of the software to plan your business processes, reducing costs and increasing speed and efficiency.

The planning processes of SAP Business One allow you to set your orders, your transfer orders, and shipping schedules from one interface. This allows you to streamline your entire materials planning systems.

Integrated, Streamlined Handling With advanced material planning through SAP Business One, you will be able to integrate across divisions, locations and the entire production process. Streamlined handling allows you to automatically update every related aspect of your business when a record is entered into the system. When a component part gets listed as broken, it automatically updates all the other parts of your system, and triggers a re-order.

LBSI offers a custom designed and implemented advanced material planning add-on for SAP Business One which meets all of these processes. Please contact us for more information on how SAP Business One can manage your advanced material planning needs.