Our Company

LBSi was founded in 1989. Our roots are embedded deeply in the manufacturing, distribution and services sectors.

We understand the diverse demands that organizations face in today’s global marketplace in order to grow and continue to be profitable. Our expertise in procurement, manufacturing, distribution, customer service, sales and finance, as well as information systems, is vital to the successful implementation and on-going use of your business system.

We view the various systems needed within an organization as tools to help you satisfy your customer’s needs, better and quicker than the competition. Technology should help you in all aspects of this goal and we at LBSi constantly strive to make sure that the systems we sell, develop and support do this well.

LBSi knows that producing a quality good or service is important and we help our clients toward that end. However, we also know that our clients have other business problems that in many cases are not directly related to their production and distribution process. We have professionals on staff with cross-discipline skills and knowledge for just such reasons. We also maintain open relationships with other professional firms to help our clients and us with specific problems and/or opportunities. Our objective is to be true business advisors to our clients.