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Software Built From the Ground Floor

Business Management Software is just that a tool meant to manage the technological side of your business.  No one needs to play up the positive benefits of technology on business practices.  Each year companies are streamlining their production process, optimizing customer service, and expanding their market through technology.  What businesses do not always think about is […]

Size Doesn’t Matter For Businesses In The Digital Economy

Size doesn’t matter Today, small businesses can be just as successful as, if not more successful than, their larger competitors. Why? Because with the right technology, small businesses can easily cause positive disruption in the market. Within the boom of the digital economy, small businesses now have the power to reshape their markets and industries. […]

Can Production Order Scheduling be made better?

Most companies do some amount of repetitive and job shop production, services, or wholesale or master distribution. They focus on their key areas of sales and operations and tend to pay as little attention as possible to other areas.  In reality, everyone must know the entire picture so they understand how what they do impacts the rest of the company. It […]