Archives for June 2011

Use ERP to Move Your Company Forward

Everybody’s looking for an edge—probably because they’re so hard to come by. In today’s business environment, it can be challenging to find a competitive advantage. When you do, you can bet it won’t last long. You have to remain vigilant, therefore, always keeping an eye on the market and your business for the opportunities that […]

Five Ways You Can Put Your Customers First

Competition is tougher than ever, due in large part to higher customer expectations. After two years of difficult economic conditions—which have left an enduring impression—every dollar you earn will require greater effort and responsiveness. Customers expect as much value as possible for every dollar they part with. Your ability to gain an edge in the […]

Improve Efficiency, Improve Your Bottom Line

When you look for data in your business, is it easy to find? If your sales and inventory numbers are in different places, if financial data and operations records are in no way connected, and if purchasing options can be difficult to distinguish, it can be challenging to know whether or not the decisions you’re […]